Tier 4 Student Visa Administrative Review

Tier 4 Student Visa – Administrative Review

In this case, our client was a Chinese National who had previously obtained a Tier 4 Student visa with our assistance. The previous visa was obtained in order for our client to undertake a pre-entry English course at a local Glasgow university. At the conclusion of the pre-entry course and the expiry of the initial visa, our client approached us to apply for further leave to remain as a Tier 4 Student so that they could complete a masters degree in the UK.

After we submitted our client’s application to the Home Office, a substantial period of time passed with no decision being made. As the start date of our client’s course drew closer, we continued to chase the Home Office for a decision, sending several letters and making numerous phone calls. Eventually a negative decision was issued, based on a lack of maintenance funds.

What is a Tier 4 Student Visa

In order to qualify for a Tier 4 Student Visa in the UK, an applicant must have a specified amount of funds in order to maintain themselves financially for the duration of their degree. Evidence of these funds must be submitted with an application or it will normally be refused.

Our involvement

After reading the decision, we immediately noticed that the Home Office had made an error in their assessment of the financial evidence which we had submitted. Our client held the required level of funds between 2 bank accounts, and whilst evidence for both of these accounts was provided, the Home Office had only considered 1.

The outcome

We quickly lodged an application for an administrative review of this decision. This review found in our client’s favour and the application was later granted, allowing our client to complete their degree.


At Latta International, our solicitors are experts in countering negative Home Office decisions against our clients. Our keen eye for detail and diligence allows us to pick up on the mistakes which are often made by the Home Office and to obtain successful outcomes for our clients.