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Latta international is a global relocation company which directly works in association with Latta Law Limited, an experienced legal firm based in Scotland. Latta International’s aim is to assist international entrepreneurs, investors, highly skilled workers, and business representatives to identify potential opportunities for developing their lives and businesses in the United Kingdom. In addition, we are able to provide pathways for those who wish to study in the UK, or who wish to join family members. We also play a role in recruiting skilled workers for employment in the UK where there is a shortage in the current workforce.

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Latta Reviews

(Translated by Google) Very thoughtful service (Original) 服务非常周到


So professional and helpful! Just heard back from HO today about my successful application, yay! Thank you so much for your help in this trying time. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you.

I’d like to especially thank Andrew, Yue, Luke, and Cathy, for being ever so helpful even when situations are less than ideal in the pandemic. Thank you thank you thank you!

Jingran Lan

(Translated by Google) Thank you very much for the warm and professional service of the Lata International team. Help us handle naturalization very smoothly and quickly.


Cindy Hao

Thank you so much for you guys. Your professional help is incredibly important to me. Your passion and energy keep pushing me and encouraging me. Amazing Team! Thanks a lot!

Elaina Zhang

thanks for the professional help with my Ti-1 visa. Latta is a great office. also to Cathy, luke and yue.