Appeal the Refusal of a UK Visa Application

Appeal the refusal of a UK visa application

What right of appeal do I have?

When you apply for a visa or other immigration applications, you hope everything goes smoothly and receive a granted decision. Unfortunately, the Home Office sometimes refuses some applications. If you receive a refused decision on your application, you will recieve a refusal letter, in which it will state whether you have the legal right to appeal your case. There may not be an appeal right in all circumstances – but you may have the right to ask for an Administrative Review. Once you decide to challenge the refusal decision, you need to act quickly to comply with the procedural rules, and to ensure that you have the best chance of success.

How to appeal?

You can submit your application online, by post or fax after the date of your decision. Your application will be lodged with the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber). This Tribunal is independent of the UK government, and an Immigration Judge will listen to both sides of the argument, yours and that of the Home Office, before making a decision. There are various time limits to appeal, which depend on the location where you initially submitted your application. Therefore, you need to Contact Us immediately if you find yourself in this situation.

How can I get a decision?

You will receive a decision in person or by post.

The tribunal will either decide to:

  • allow your application – this means that the Home Office has to reconsider its decision
  • dismiss your application and uphold the Home Office original decision

If I have lost my appeal, or don’t have the right to appeal, is there anything else I can do?

You can ask for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) or ask for a Judicial Review if your appeal is dismissed and you think there is a legal mistake with the decision.

If you do not have the chance to appeal, then do not worry. Please bring your case to us and our immigration law experts will review your case and discuss the options available to you.


To give your case the best chance of success, get in touch

To give your visa the best chance of success, and to reduce your stress, please contact our immigration experts.

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*Disclaimer: The above information is for general reference only. Specialist legal advice should be sought.