As a Child – Family Visa

As a Child – Family Visa

Who can apply for a Family Visa as a Child?

If at least one of your parents gets settlement status in the UK, then you as their child may be eligible to settle in the UK with them.

If you were born in the UK

You will get the same permission as your parent. You can either:

  • be added to your parent’s next application as a dependant
  • apply separately

If you were born outside the UK

It depends on your age and your parent’s immigration status.

If you are under 18
  • you must not be married, in a civil partnership or living an independent life
  • you must be able to financially support yourself without getting public funds
  • one of your parents must also be applying or have applied for a visa or to extend their permission to stay as a
    1. partner – and the partner they are joining is your other parent
    2. parent – and they have sole parental responsibility for you (see As a Parent)

Living an independent life means you have either left home, got married, or had your own children.

If you are over 18

You can only apply when you are over 18 if you:

  • had permission to stay in the UK (‘leave to remain’) on a family visa when you were under 18
  • do not live an independent life

How we can help

Our qualified and experienced immigration lawyers have processed numerous successful family visas. We understand how stressful and confusing the visa application process can be and how important it is to be with your family. From the first meeting, we will assist you with each stage of application and ensure that everything is done to maximize the chance of your application being successful.

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*Disclaimer: The above information is for general reference only. Specialist legal advice should be sought.