Very professional service!

Very professional service! Thanks so much to the Latta International team for their efficient, professional and friendly assistance.


Will recommend to my friend

I really appreciate the help from Luke. He is lovely and provides really good service. Will recommend to my friend.

David Li

Very professional and amazing team

Thank you so much for Latta team. They are very professional and amazing team. I highly recommend them. They are, kind, patient and professional. I’m very grateful for your efforts.

Yasir Al-Taie

Highly recommend!

Highly recommend! Great team, professional, and supportive.

atheel1981 khairi

Very good service

(Translated by Google) Very good service, which helped me a lot, thank you very much


Chaowen Duan

Definitely continue to recommend their services to others

Luke has provided me a very patient, detailed and professional explanation regarding my case, many thanks for your kind and efficient responses. I will definitely continue to recommend your services to others in the future!

Wen Sun

Definitely recommend.

Very professional and speedy service. Definitely recommend.

Anqi La

Cheers, Appreciation and Heartfelt Thanks

Greetings and Width of politeness and respect

I arrived in Glasgow, Scotland, in June 2019, when I arrived in Glasgow, Scotland, to apply for asylum. I chose Latta &co Law Group and my asylum case was reviewed and supervised by an experienced and excellent lawyer, Mrs.Monica Anand, who was very helpful with their excellent legal information, and last month after Interview. I got a visa and got a residence permit

I sincerely and deeply thank you and thank you and wish them all the best.

And also a special thank you and good luck to managing the very good Latta&co law suite.

🌹 Thanks a lot🌹

Afshin Rafie from Iran

Very thoughtful service

(Translated by Google) Very thoughtful service (Original) 服务非常周到


So professional and helpful!

So professional and helpful! Just heard back from HO today about my successful application, yay! Thank you so much for your help in this trying time. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you.

I’d like to especially thank Andrew, Yue, Luke, and Cathy, for being ever so helpful even when situations are less than ideal in the pandemic. Thank you thank you thank you!

Jingran Lan

warm and professional service

(Translated by Google) Thank you very much for the warm and professional service of the Lata International team. Help us handle naturalization very smoothly and quickly.


Cindy Hao

Thank you so much for you guys

Thank you so much for you guys. Your professional help is incredibly important to me. Your passion and energy keep pushing me and encouraging me. Amazing Team! Thanks a lot!

Elaina Zhang

thanks for the professional help with my Ti-1 visa

thanks for the professional help with my Ti-1 visa. Latta is a great office. also to Cathy, luke and yue.


Thank you very much for your time and effort in my visa!

Thanks Luke and Andrew, Thank you very much for your time and effort in my visa! I do really appreciate the reponsiveness and effectiveness of the staffs. Highly recommend ed.

Clair W

Thanks Latta team

(Translated by Google) Many thanks to the Latta team for their assistance in applying for a business visa. Every step in the application process is due diligence, thank you very much!


Yin Liwei

Professional and excellent immigration service

I want to say thank you to Latta International team for their professional and excellent immigration service. it was less than 3 months before my student visa expired, when I get help from Latta International team. I am so glad that obtaining an endorsement letter within 3 months and my visa was granted within a week! I highly recommend Latta International to anyone who want to do business and stay in the UK. Thanks.

Haiyang Yang

Thank everyone from Latta International to help me with my Start-up visa

Thank everyone from Latta International to help me with my Start-up visa from Business side to the visa side. I learned a lot about Business development with them. The service I received was very professional, helpful and superb. All the staff were very friendly and accompanied me throughout this very difficult Start-up application process, Endorsement letter is real hard part, but they help me manage it great. I would highly recommend Latta International and would use their service again without hesitation.

Yuanmin Li

Friendly and fast response

Excellent and professional team, thanks for helping from Latta team on getting my endorsement for start up visa. Staffs are always so friendly and provided fast response.

Ang Li

Thank you for your help

Very helpful and fair price

Damien Ji

Efficient and trustworthy, highly recommended!

The service I received was excellent, all staff were really professional, polite, friendly, brilliant and reliable. The customer care I received from start to finish was of the highest standard, such as they always available to speak to, and they provided me a detailed schedule so I knew what and when to expect developments. I’m so grateful for all their hard work on my case and the outcome they achieved for me. I can’t express enough how happy I am with the final result, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Latta International to anyone in need of applying for the Start-up Visa.

Evie Ma

Disclaimer: Above reviews from Latta Law Limited or Latta International customers