Why choose the UK for further education?

The UK stands out as one of the world’s most sought-after destinations for higher education and private education. UK universities consistently rank among the best globally, delivering exceptional performance in international rankings. Opting for higher education in the UK provides international student with a remarkable opportunity to expand their knowledge, connect with diverse communities, immerse themselves in a new culture, and, most importantly, relish an enriching student lifestyle. 

How can we assist you? 

Latta International boasts experts in further education within the UK, offering comprehensive guidance and support to prospective international students. Our services encompass:

  • reviewing candidates’ academic background and providing tailored advice on university placements aligned with their academic interests.
  • assisting candidates in preparing the necessary materials for their university applications.
  • conducting mock interviews through online meeting methods to help candidates prepare for university application interviews, and visa application interviews.
  • assisting successful university applicants with their visa applications (see Student Visa).

Undergraduate Entry Requirements

Undergraduate entry requirements typically encompass:

  • qualifications, subjects, and exam grades – usually A levels or equivalent- level qualifications.
  • English language skills – you may need to take a specific English language test in order to get a place on a course.
  • suitability – course descriptions usually mention skills, interests, or experience that it is good to have.
  • an admissions test – please check the course requirements for more details.
  • an interview – you may need to attend an interview and early preparation is suggested.


Why study postgraduate in the UK?

Pursuing postgraduate studies in the UK offers several compelling advantages:

  • Access to high-quality postgraduate education.
  • A life-altering experience.
  • Enhanced career prospects and increased earning potential.

Postgraduate entry requirements

  • previous academic qualifications – a first or bachelor’s degree of a good standard is normally required.
  • English language proficiency – you need to be able to show that you have a good enough knowledge of English to be able to understand and follow the program.
  • personal statement – this is about why you are applying for the course and why you feel you are a good applicant for the program. It should include your own academic achievements, your personal academic interests, and why you want to take the postgraduate program you are applying for, and why you wish to take it at this specific institute.
  • strong references – you will need to provide the details of two or three people who can write a reference about you to support your application.
  • a good research proposal, if required
  • an interview, if required

To give your case the best chance of success, get in touch

To give your visa the best chance of success, and to reduce your stress, please contact our immigration experts.

If you wish to speak directly with one of our immigration specialists to get advice about business and personal immigration, or education in the UK and other visa issues, then please contact our Glasgow Head Office on Phone T: +44 (0)141 212 3355 or request a call back by completing the Online Form. You can also email us at More information can be found from Contact Us.  

*Disclaimer: The above information is for general reference only. Specialist legal advice should be sought.

Latest update: August 2023

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